Now that social distancing has quickly become the new norm many people are wondering how they can see a hearing professional when they just need a few tweaks to their hearing aids.

Well fortunately for many their hearing aids are accompanied by an app on their smart phone or tablet.  These apps often have a "telehealth" component to them which allows for communication directly with your hearing professional all from the comfort and social safety of your own home.  The coolest part about that is the hearing professional is able to make the appropriate adjustments to your hearing aids without you leaving your house.

Something to consider in the future if you'll be making a hearing aid purchase is the ease of use and features of the app.  Especially in these times of Covid 19.  And if you've recently returned from abroad and are self isolating, or simply practicing self isolation, know that a hearing adjustment is simply a click away.

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One example of a manufacturers app can be found here: