In these times of self isolation its important to understand that long before Covid-19 many people with untreated hearing loss suffered the affects of social isolation. Something much more long term and involuntary.   It has been associated with a myriad of mental and health difficulties such as Depression, Heart Disease, Dementia and Alzheimers to name a few.

Social isolation doesn’t just happen overnight.  It’s a long gradual process.  In general terms people with untreated hearing loss may remove themselves from certain situations because of the stress and anxiety of missing out on conversations, or not being able to distinguish between speech and sounds, or being embarrassed by misunderstanding what a person is saying.  Eventually a person may end up realizing that their hearing loss has had an impact on their career, their social life, and their family life.

The good news is that with a simple hearing test you could avoid missing out on significant parts of life.  If you or a loved one suspects you may have hearing loss click here to book an evaluation. We’d love to be part of your solution.