Ears Canada, is excited to announce its first ever Give the Gift of Hearing contest.  This contest will award a pair hearing aids to a local resident that could benefit from hearing aids but may not have the resources to obtain them. “Better hearing has the potential to have a such a positive impact on […]

I want to give a special thanks to St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik and St. Catharines Dev. Advisor Samir Husika for welcoming Ears Canada to the city yesterday. Starting a business during a pandemic is no easy feat, but the support and encouragement from everyone at Pathstone Mental Health, Pathway Pharmacy, and the Niagara North […]

Ears Canada was featured in the St. Catharines Standard recently.  Check out the article here Ears Canada Eyes A Bright Future.  Keep an eye out for our Grand Opening on September 22nd, 2020 Thanks to @GordHoward for the article!

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, many municipalities have mandated the use of masks in indoor facilities. In St. Catharines, the mandatory mask bylaw came into effect on July 17, 2020¹ with the rest of the Niagara Region following on July 31, 2020².  Studies suggest that masks are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19; […]

One of the greatest barriers to hearing aids has always been cost.  “why do hearing aids have to be so expensive?” people always ask.  While that question will be addressed in a separate blog, the other question thats often overlooked is “what is the cost if my hearing loss is untreated?“ Did you know:  Hearing […]

Now that social distancing has quickly become the new norm many people are wondering how they can see a hearing professional when they just need a few tweaks to their hearing aids. Well fortunately for many their hearing aids are accompanied by an app on their smart phone or tablet.  These apps often have a […]

In these times of self isolation its important to understand that long before Covid-19 many people with untreated hearing loss suffered the affects of social isolation. Something much more long term and involuntary.   It has been associated with a myriad of mental and health difficulties such as Depression, Heart Disease, Dementia and Alzheimers to name […]